Kiln Drying

Vacuum Kiln

After the logs are milled, our focus shifts to one of the most important steps in the process - drying. We use our iDRY Plus vacuum pressure kiln for drying large live edge slabs. This kiln allows us to dry up to 4,000 board feet at once, with a maximum slab length of 16'.

The kiln's digital touchscreen allows us to create a controlled environment that lowers the temperature at which water boils and evaporates. This lower temperature aids in eliminating damage to the wood while speeding up the process of drying.

Interested in learning more about our iDRY kiln? Visit iDRY for more information.

Dehumidification Kiln

In addition to our iDRY Plus vacuum kiln, we also operate a dehumidification kiln - the Wood-Mizer KD-250. We utilize this particular kiln primarily for drying dimensional lumber. To learn more about kiln drying and our KD-250 kiln, check out this resource from Wood-Mizer.

HTK Timberworks uses both our kilns for our business' production around the clock and cannot offer individual kiln drying services at this time.
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